South Florida veterans career readiness workshop

Every month through December 2018 TWHG will be hosting a career readiness workshop for veterans and military spouses. If you or someone you know needs assistance with getting prepared for a career in the civilian sector, this the workshop for you!

At the June 5th workshop we did meet one very motivated Army veteran Emmanuel who has already enrolled in the program and is on his way to success. Way to go Emmanuel!
(Update on Emmanuel… He found employment after only two weeks in the program)!


Moving the Mission forward

The Welcome Home Group has been innovating and bringing technology to the forefront for the benefit of assisting veterans and their families in preparing and securing civilian employment. Now, in 2018, our mission continues to move forward. With new ideas and new talent, our career readiness program will yet again lead the way for our nation’s heroes to become successful in the civilian sector. The Interactive Career Readiness program offers veterans and their immediate family members exclusive access to our “Boot-Camp” style training program that focuses on their past experiences and builds on their strengths. Our 30-day program is unlike any other in respect to the level of accountability that is placed on the participant. The support system we bring to the program is unmatched for quality and those who take part in our program immediately see the benefits of our program versus many others available today. Success is our focus and properly preparing the participants makes a tremendous difference in the success of their journey.