The Welcome Home Group has been a registered 501(C)3 non-profit organization with the United States IRS since our inception in 2012. Up until 2017 we were self-funded by the founders and have accepted private donations to assist with operating costs. We are currently seeking non-governmental grants, sponsorships, and donations. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help us continue to provide our no-cost services to veterans and military spouses. Below you will see a list of ongoing costs that are associated with the operations that we need help with.

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100% of every dollar donated goes back into the program to keep it running!

Operating Costs

Web-Servers/Web Hosting: (where our interactive data is stored). We use a VPS server for high performance/security and reliability

Communications: (we make ourselves available to our clients 24/7). This includes mobile phones, internet access, web conferencing software, and other tools to communicate with our clients

Travel expenses: We make our services available to veteran families across the United States. When possible, we travel to locations across the country to work with these families. In these cases, our expenses include air fare, rental cars, hotel rooms and meals

Office Supplies: We use printers, paper, folders, ink, and all of the other typical office supplies that any office would use

We maintain a high level of transparency and we are proud of that fact.  Here are some common questions that are asked of charities that accept donations and our answers to each of them:

Question: How much of my donation goes to executive salaries?

Answer: None. 100% of every donation goes towards the operating costs above. No money is ever used for personal use.

Question: There are so many scams out there today, how do I know your not one of them?

Answer: We make our information available to anyone who wishes to see. Our IRS documentation is available online, as are numerous testimonials from those who have used our program and partners who collaborate with us to provide our services.

Question: If I make a donation, will I receive an acknowledgment of that donation?

Answer: Yes. In every case, you will receive a receipt for your donation whether it is a monetary donation or another type of donation such as equipment or services.






May 4, 2018