In the military soldiers know that their fellow soldiers have their "SIX", another way of saying "I have your back". It's all about teamwork. At The Welcome Home Group teamwork is what we based our program development on. Building a strong bond with those who are trusting us to help them progress into civilian employment is of the highest importance.

Our 30-day "BOOT-CAMP" ensures the right solution for those who are serious about finding civilian employment.


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The Welcome Home Group extends its arm of assistance to veterans, military spouses and the sons and daughters of veterans across The United States. We do this through the development of strategic partnerships with other military focused organizations that have seen our program and promote it in their area. As well as using Social Media to promote our services and good old fashioned word-of-mouth. We want to be able to get our services in front of those who need it, regardless of their location. Our "virtual" platform allows us to assist anyone anywhere, as long as they have a computer and internet access.


Everyone who chooses to participate in our program, whether a veteran, military spouse, son or daughter must complete a Roll-Call form. This form is designed to identify those who are serious about their employment search. The form lets the client know what they can expect from the program and also lets them know what the program will expect from them. By qualifying potential clients we find we have a higher success rate because those participating know exactly what they need to do and prepare for it.

DNA Behavior Career Profile

The Welcome Home Group has partnered with DNA Behavior, a company that has developed a profile that helps to determine one’s career path based on their Natural Talents by identifying things such as desired tasks, team roles, work environments and work rewards. This information assists both the career coach and the clients they work with by providing the ability to better understand a clients desired career path or work role and/or where they see themselves in their careers.

Interactive Resume

Veterans need a better tool to give them an advantage when seeking employment. Faced with the difficult task of "selling" themselves to civilian employers, we have developed a tool as part of our Career Readiness Program which, unlike any other, does just that... gives the veteran a very distinct advantage. Our clients are able to present themselves to employers using 21st century technology, in a way that just makes sense. Images, audio, downloadable files and hyperlinks are all available to the employer; all very distinct advantages that the current systems can't address. The veterans and their families deserve a better option. We have addressed that challenge and created a solution that works extremely well.

To see a sample of our Interactive Resume click HERE

Interview Training

In a one-on-one virtual environment our career coaches work to give our clients a clear understanding of what todays employers are looking for and how to address specific challenges facing those who are seeking employment. By addressing common challenges, along with those faced specifically by veterans and military spouses, we are able to give our clients clear direction and a better preparedness when ready to approach employers.

Employment Resources

Every client that completes our Career Readiness Program has access to our exclusive directory of employment resources which containes a wealth of information. There are tutorials and articles written by subject matter experts in all areas of job search readiness. These resources are made available as an added value to our already successful program. A resource specialist goes over the resource site with the client and makes sure they know how to access it and use it to it's fullest potential.


The success of our clients only starts when they complete our program. Keeping them engaged with their goals and making sure they have access to the assistance they need is where the pieces of the puzzle come together. We focus on long-term success with our clients and it shows in our success rate. Each client that completes our program has the ability to come back through for a refresher and access the employment resource directory at any time.






June 3, 2018